CIC B.A.Hons. DUET Results 2019


The result has been announced! Congratulations to all those who made it!

You can access it here – DUET CIC B.A.Hons. 2019

The schedule for admission is out. You are NOT required to be present at CIC for admission. Schedule for admission B.A.Hons. CIC 2019

If you are sure of getting in, do check out the BACK TO COLLEGE OFFERS

Time to reward yourself with tech shopping. (:

4 thoughts on “CIC B.A.Hons. DUET Results 2019

  1. I have a S.No. of 27 in DUET(BA Hons) even though marks throughout 20th to 27th are same (185).
    As there are only 20 seats, are there any chances of my admission?


      1. I had another question if can please reply to it. I’m a state board student with 62.60% in 12th, (I get an additional 14marks) in subjects, will CIC consider my marks 58%(after deducting) or 62.6%. Also, as the admission list has arrived, I think 6 people might be ahead of me, so is there a chance that 6 people vacant their seats in first list.
        Please reply.


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