[IMPORTANT] Schedule for admission B.Tech. B.A.Hons. CIC 2019

According to the Schedule and Guidelines for Admission for the Entrance-based Courses given on the DU site –

The final rank-wise result for the above courses shall be declared on 18-19 July 2019. Applicants are advised to check this portal every few hours during this period.

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 9.58.55 pm.png

Guidelines for Admission

Step 1:

The Allotment List shall be displayed on the UG Admission portal as well as on the Applicant’s Login.

Step 2:

The Applicant is required to login to the UG Admission Portal using their registered email and password. The allotted course (and college) shall be displayed. In case the applicant wishes to get admission to the displayed course, the applicant is required to click on the “Apply for Admission” button provided.

Note 1: Choosing the “Apply for Admission” option shall lead to cancellation of admission in any course where the applicant is currently admitted.

Step 3:

The college/institution shall examine the certificates uploaded by the candidate during office hours for two days and approve the admission if these are found satisfactory. The college/institution staff may contact the applicant over email or phone in case of any queries.

Step 4:

On receiving Approval for admission by the Principal, the applicant is required to submit the college fee within the stipulated time allotted for the purpose. Applicants already admitted in a course at the University of Delhi shall be required to cancel admission in such course and pay cancellation fee in order to be eligible.

Step 5:

The admitted students shall be required to present themselves with their original documents for verification at the time of commencement of classes or as per the directions issued by the college/institution.

25 thoughts on “[IMPORTANT] Schedule for admission B.Tech. B.A.Hons. CIC 2019

  1. It says “final rank wise result shall be declared on 18-19 July”
    But BTech result is already announced,so it isn’t for that,right?


    1. Unfortunately there’s no group for admission/institute related queries. If you are in Delhi, you can meet the programme coordinator in CIC. She is teaching since the inception of CIC, and knows pretty well about everything related to CIC.


  2. Hey bro, first of all I must appreciate your efforts to help the fellow aspirants. I have a somewhat silly query but just wanted to know if there’s a slight chance of such possibility. So I’ve got a rank 2 in the dsj entrance and the cic ba paper didn’t go that well. Is a transfer to the cic ba(hss) course possible after 1st year? Other colleges do have some transfer policies, is it followed in cic too?

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      1. Ohh man…! Thanks a lot bro.The result was published just a few mins ago. I’ve scored like 52 marks less in this one and never expected to be one of the top 20. See you soon bro! We’ll have some chilled beer some day…. Xd

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Brother do we need report at college for admission…. Or the full process will b online…. If so will we get time to be at clg for documents verification…


  4. Bro, we will however have to visit our previous college where we had taken admission to complete the cancellation process, right?


  5. Bro, we will, however, have to visit our previous college where we had taken admission to complete the cancellation process, right?


  6. Bro actually I have taken admission in one of a govt college as I could not wait for the counselling of CIC …(to be on safer side) they have submitted the character certificate and the transfer certificate in original…so if I get the name In merit list….will I have to present the same online or at college, originals of character and transfer certificate…or the photocopy


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