Answer Key B.Tech. and B.A.Hons. CIC DUET 2019

The Objection Tracker/ Challenge of Answer Keys (along with Candidate Response Sheets) will be made live from 10:00 AM of 9th July 2019 and will remain active till 10:00 AM of 11th July 2019

The challenges received shall be placed before the Subject Expert(s). The decision of Subject Expert(s) shall be final. Thereafter the ‘Final Key’ shall be uploaded and the result shall be compiled based on the final key.

Procedure – Objection Tracker/ Challenge of Answer Keys

1. Candidate will login through his/ her existing login credentials using the link
2. Steps for Submitting Objections:

  • Download the Response Sheet
  • Download ‘Master QP PDF’ for viewing ‘Interim Key’
    (Questions and Options will appear in Master copy pattern).
  • To raise any Objection, Click on ‘Objection Form’ and submit the Objection. The ‘Question ID’ and ‘Option ID’ needs to be referred for submitting Objections.

3. An email containing the Link for downloading Response sheet will be sent to the candidates as per the schedule in the Public Notice.
4. Preview of Objection Tracker/ Challenge of Answer Keys, first page (The Actual design of page might differ on the actual link, however, all the content and items will remain the same).

Source – Objection Tracker / Challenge of Answer Keys – DUET-2019

26 thoughts on “Answer Key B.Tech. and B.A.Hons. CIC DUET 2019

      1. What does that person(who got 163) told about the paper( like whether it was tough or not as compared to 2018 paper) ?


  1. Paper was very easy. Souhard here, Rudrank. We talked on Quora. I am the guy who appeared for it last year. It was a very easy paper, and I am pretty sure of a 220+ score. It has really simple LR ( like 7th grade). The GK though slightly on the difficult side but it compensated with easy Current affairs. The 2018 paper was meh, certainly more difficult than this.

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  2. What are master question paper for?
    The answers that were released on 10 th are different from answers that were released today.
    And even its written on du website that “please ignore these answers” so what are these answers for.
    And how can we even object something that is wrong itself.
    So what are they for?


    1. Hi Sanket Saxena. The master question question has dummy answers. You are supposed to refer to the answer key that was released on July 10th. No answer key for B.Tech. nor B.A.Hons. has been released today. If you find any answer wrong from the answer key released on July 10th, you can refer to it.

      Read the instructions clearly. You are supposed to refer to the answers given in the answer key release on July 10th


  3. Hi, please tell me when is BA entrance exam answer key going to release ? on du website it’s mentioning after 2 PM today they will release it’s 2:45 …after entering candidate id and password its saying invalid credentials…is this happening with me only?


      1. It’s 5 pm and it’s still showing invalid credentials when logging in. @bhanu is it happening with you also?


  4. Guys the answer key has some glaring errors in the English section. Do raise the objection if you can. And another one in the farmer movement (both tabligh and telangana are non farmer movements. telangana movement was a movement for a new state, tabligh was a religious movement). I’m hoping for a 210, and if the 8 objections I raised are rectified, then a 230+.

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  5. It’s mentioning invalid credential. It’s happening with me also. So one thing I want to ask to you that how was your entrance and in your opinion it was tougher than previous year or easy one
    and what are you expecting


  6. Is anybody else coming up with invalid credentials? How are we supposed to send objections when we cant login? is anybody having that problem?


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