Answer Key and Objection Tracker DUET B.Tech CIC 2019

Hope your exam went well! Comment down below about the difficulty level, the questions asked, your expected marks and how your paper went.

The result will be announced from 20th July 

Taken from the official DU website –

  • The link to the Objection Tracker (including question paper attempted by the candidate) would be emailed on the registered email ID of the candidate as per schedule mentioned below –
    For the B.Tech CIC paper on 9th July 2019
  • The interim key to the Question paper would be available on the portal
  • A candidate can raise an objection to the key by logging on to the portal within 48 hours.
  • Objections if any, would be considered by the respective departments and a final key prepared and displayed between 12 and 20 July 2019.



43 thoughts on “Answer Key and Objection Tracker DUET B.Tech CIC 2019

    1. As I said in my last post, you were supposed to only attempt around 40-50 questions correctly depending upon the difficulty level. If the paper was hard, then the cutoff will go down.


  1. Hey rudrank,
    Do you think that,since exam has held almost 10 days later than last year’s,will it have any effect on this year’s cutoff.


    1. Hi Manas. It will affect the cut off, as relatively less aspirants may have given the paper because admissions around India had already started before the paper. Hope for the best!


  2. bro i hve asked you there erlir even,why their are only 2 ews seats ,10% reservation means 4-5 seats .. plzz rlpy i am getting around 120 ..solved my ppr again at home.
    if seats will increase ..i will have more chances..
    i need this center anyhow ..plzz respond and take action


    1. Actually that reservation was given from general seats which in this case are 20 so 10% of that is 2 so that’s why seats are 2.
      And yes you are being given really great opportunity through these kind of reservation so atleast be fully informative about it. – – -From non reservation candidate.

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      1. i think you need to be infromative enough.
        obc 12 seats, which acc to u means 60% reservation.
        which we all know only about 27% reservation .
        which means reservation is given on total no seats that is 44 + 6 supernumary seats


    2. I am answering your doubt that you posted below..
      Yes obc are having 27% reservation but that reservation is from total seats that are 44 in this case so 27 % of 44 is 11.88 so 12 seats are there for obc…. But this ews reservation was given from strictly general seats so thats why there are 2 seats..
      Again i am saying just be atleast little informative about the opportunities that can change your life.. You are lucky to get this opportunity but you don’t understand the importance of it. You just got offended by the way i spoke and you replied without further investigating it.

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  3. Hello Sir, Can you make a post on how BTech in IT and MI from DU CIC is different from BTech in IT from any other Engineering College.
    Thank you.


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