Last day revision for DU CIC B.Tech Entrance Examination 2019

Today is July 1, 2018.

Two days before the examination. I hope you are done with your preparation, and revising well.

Finally, your preparation will yield you a rank, enough to get into Cluster Innovation Centre.

  • Believe in yourself. I cannot stress this enough.
    • No matter how many students give the exam,
    • No matter how many students you encounter in your centre,
    • No matter how many people who seem to confident enough to score 300+/400;
    • Believe in your preparation.
  • I will recommended not to study much tomorrow. Go through the formulas/concepts today, because you don’t want to miss a direct question with the excuse of forgetting the formula. Maybe a direct question from class eleventh syllabus, and four marks can make a difference of being a CICian.
  • Do NOT stress over the marks or anything.
    • If the paper is tough, don’t be disappointed, it will be hard for everyone.
    • If the paper is easy, be happy, but control your excitement enough to not make silly mistakes.
    • For mathematics, the questions are more or less similar to JEE Main, some questions harder, some easier. So that shouldn’t pose a problem, if you prepared for JEE Main.
  • You DON’T HAVE to attempt the whole paper.
    • NEVER get stuck on one problem. Couldn’t solve it, mark it, MOVE ON. You only get 120 minutes to go through all the questions, and even if you attempt 50-60 questions CORRECTLY, you should get a good enough rank.
  • Sleep well today and tomorrow, because day after is a big one.
  • Don’t go through the past year statistics. xyz rank one scored this much in abc year. Doesn’t matter. It is all relative. If paper is easy, the score will go up, if it is tougher, it will go down. You have to give YOUR BEST.
  • Pack your stuff beforehand, and check twice if you are not forgetting anything.
    • I remember people who were made to stand outside as they forgot their Aadhar Card, and they panicked like anything.

All the best.

I believe in you, that you will make it to CIC.

Rest is on you now.

And do mention in the comment section how your paper went! 😀


Do not hesitate to ask.

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