Curated Post for B.A. CIC Admission DU 2019

Here’s an ordered list of ALL the posts related to the CIC admission to the B.A. course, so that you don’t have to scroll down and utilise the time in preparation instead. 🙂

Main three posts –

1. CIC B.A.Hons. 2018 paper
2. [Preparation] Books for Final Preparation of CIC B.A.Hons. Entrance DU 2019
3. [Preparation] Previous Year Papers of CIC B.A.Honours Entrance Exam

Experiences –

1. First Semester Experience of B.A. Honours. student – AIR 23, 2018
2. Experience of Kavleen Kaur, B.A.Hons. AIR 24 of 2018

International Students –

1. Procedure for International students : B.A.Honours

I will add the updated FAQ and course syllabus to it soon. Stay tuned. A revision post on the way!

One thought on “Curated Post for B.A. CIC Admission DU 2019

  1. Rudrank, can you please come up with a post on 2nd – 5th semester experience of a BA Honours student? The one about first semester experience was very helpful, insightful, but it’s the process of opting for/being assigned streams, papers and colleges that’s more likely to scare me.
    Thak you for what you’ve created here already, though!


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