Curated Post for B.Tech. CIC Admission DU 2019

Here’s an ordered list of ALL the posts related to the CIC admission to the B.Tech. course, so that you don’t have to scroll down and utilise the time in preparation instead. 🙂

 Main three posts –

1. [Preparation] Master-guide till the exam of B.Tech Cluster Innovation Centre DU 2019
2. [Preparation] Books for Preparation of CIC B.Tech. Entrance DU 2019
3. [Preparation] Previous Year Papers of CIC B.Tech. Entrance Exam

Revision –

1. [Preparation] Revision for DU CIC B.Tech. Entrance 2018
2. [Preparation] Last day revision for DU CIC B.Tech Entrance Examination 2018

Tips by Top Rankers of 2017 –

1. [Preparation] AIR 11 – Cracking CIC Entrance by Top 26 Rankers
2. [Preparation] AIR 17 – Cracking CIC Entrance by Top 26 Rankers
3. [Preparation] AIR 18 – Cracking CIC Entrance by Top 26 Rankers
4. [Preparation] AIR 25 – Cracking CIC Entrance by Top 26 Rankers

Other exam related posts –

1. [Preparation] Lessons to take away – One
2. [Preparation] Topics to prepare for B.Tech CIC Entrance Examination
3. [Preparation] Interpret the syllabus of B.Tech CIC Entrance Examination
4. [Preparation] Last 17 Days Preparation for CIC B.Tech Entrance Examination
5. [Preparation] Online CIC B.Tech. Entrance Examination
6. [Preparation] NCERT sufficient for CIC’s Entrance Examination?
7. [Preparation] Type of Reasoning questions to ace CIC’s Entrance Examination
8. [Preparation] Mistakes I did in the CIC’s entrance that you should avoid
9. [Preparation] Practicing the previous year’s of JEE Main and BITSAT enough for the CIC’s Entrance Exam?
10. [Preparation] Is the CIC’s Entrance too tough to crack?
11. [Preparation] Logical Reasoning and Mental Ability for CIC’s Entrance Examination

Experiences –

1. Experience of a B.Tech. student, AIR 8 of 2018
2. Experience of Nishant Joywardhan, B.Tech. AIR 11 of 2018

International Students –

1. Procedure for International students : B.Tech.

2 thoughts on “Curated Post for B.Tech. CIC Admission DU 2019

  1. At one place in FAQ about CIC the site says “You should be currently enrolled in any regular full time programme of study at the University of Delhi. [Please see : ]
    I am unable to understand this and no where in DU 2019 admission brochure it is written.
    Does it mean that First student have to take admission to any regular course in DU and then apply for B.Tech in CIC.
    I am confused. Please clafify.


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