First Semester Experience of B.A. Honours. student – AIR 23, 2018

This blog post is contributed by Anushka Martolia, first year B.A.Hons student, going to Miranda House for the next semester.

The session started with an orientation where we met the entire faculty. They briefed us upon a lot of things we must be geared up for. We received multiple orientations with our seniors as their schedules were busy most of the time.

The classes were very interactive and rarely got cancelled. The teaching faculty is quite appreciable.
In the first semester we were taught 4 papers :

  • Research Methodology
  • Impact of technology
  • Introduction to humanities and social sciences
  • Art of communication.

I faced a problem of accommodation while the allotment of hostel. At one point of time it seemed impossible even when I was entirely eligible for it. After the institute and BA faculty intervened as to know the cause, the matter was solved in a matter of a few days. I personally thank one of my professor who helped me with all her might.

Many of our seniors were encouraging and supportive. They guided us in adjusting to the environment very well. Infrastructure wise I found CIC better than many of the highly praised colleges in DU.

But with pros come cons, like –

  • We don’t have a properly functional library in the building. But we do have the access to the CRL in Arts Faculty.
  • We do not possess a lot of active societies as well. The reason being that students after second semester leave for different colleges and maintaining a society becomes a tough job.

But in spite of all that it gives us a chance to make a difference by indulging in projects which withhold social intervention and innovation.

The opportunity to experience a variety of cultures of different colleges in DU is also a great advantage.
People in CIC are very welcoming so, if you choose CIC then don’t have any second thoughts.

3 thoughts on “First Semester Experience of B.A. Honours. student – AIR 23, 2018

    1. Hey Anupam, I asked the student who contributed this article –

      “After the second semester starts, we have classes at other colleges and CIC as well. Though the classes in CIC are held on some particular days keeping in mind the different timetables of the students.

      In my second semester we have to attend EVS classes on Monday and Tuesday only.”

      Hope it answers your question!


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