Procedure for International students : B.Tech.

Blog post contributed by Shreya Malviya, first year B.Tech. student.

Since 2011, Delhi University offers a Bachelors in Technology (B.Tech.) in Information Technology and Mathematical Innovation (IT & MI) at Cluster Innovation Centre.

This course focuses on hands-on experience and practical knowledge, rather than theoretical knowledge, and aims to produce adequately skilled graduates who provide new and creative solutions to problems in the industry and the society. Students graduate with a degree with a specialisation in one of the following:

  • Management,
  • Electronics & Embedded Systems, and
  • Systems Biology;

all three being important fields having significant interfaces with Mathematics and IT.

Admission to this course requires clearing an entrance exam. Students having mathematics as a subject in their 11th and 12th grade are eligible for the same, however, for international students (foreign residents and foreign nationals i.e. OCIs/POIs), the procedure is a tad bit different.

Owing to the 5% quota in every DU course, there are 2 seats available for foreign students in this course. Admission is based on 12th grade examination results i.e. board exams or its equivalent. Again, having mathematics is a must.

The admission procedure starts in early February, so I would recommend all the international students looking into this course to be regular in checking the website of Foreign Students’ Registry (FSR) of Delhi University.

The procedure for international students for B.Tech. is the same as the procedure for international students for B.A. (Hons.).

The application is submitted online, and the portal does not have a good interface. So start well in advance as it may get frustrating and confusing, and in case any problem arises, just call FSR for help (I wish you luck).

After all the above formalities are completed, you must focus on scoring well in your 12th grade examinations. Once the results are out, update your application and wait for the cut-off lists. You will receive an email from FSR announcing the decision made for you on the basis of your application.

CIC only gets involved in the admission procedure once FSR finalises your admission.

(International students residing outside Delhi-NCR may also look into the hostel facilities for international students offered by Delhi University.)

A few signatures and document verifications by the CIC faculty, and you’re all set to go!

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