Experience of a B.Tech. student, AIR 8 of 2018

This blog post is contributed by Aryan Gupta, First Year B.Tech student.

Two long years of coaching in my +2 years and one whole year of studying in Kota in my drop year, my main focus was to crack IIT this time .
However, as fate would have it, my JEE exam didn’t go as I had planned.

I really enjoyed analytical subjects like Maths, and Computer Science in my +3 years.

Looking practically at my situation, I could see that my rank in JEE was getting me branches that I am sure that I will come to detest, if not hate.

Next best option available was University of Delhi.

DU selects you as a candidate based on Class 12 Board Marks. I had scored a nice percentage. Good enough to make my relatives jealous, but sadly to my utter regret, not enough to get the aforementioned courses in relatively better colleges of DU. There was a merit option too, for various courses.

B.Tech in Mathematical Innovation and Information Technology, CIC, DU.

Read about the course, seemed pretty nice , and computer science, B.Tech, North Campus, DU  – ignited a greed in me.

I decided to give this exam too, just for the sake of it.
I tried the previous year papers, they seemed pretty easy. I was confident that I could do well in this one, but the situation of “only the top 20 would be selected in the general category” made my throat go dry.

Fast Forward : June 2018

The exam went really bad. I had not attempted even 50 % of the paper in the stipulated time.

Come the 4th of July. I had already made my peace with it. Wasn’t expecting anything special.. Actually, wasn’t expecting anything at all.


I didn’t even have to scroll.

It feels Amazing when your A.I.R. does not extend till 5 digits for a change… and its undescribable, when it’s a freakin’ single digit!

I could have been gloating about it day and night, but I knew this was a miracle, just felt immensely grateful and relieved, and a bit more happy about myself.

Three days in, I have read every article about CIC, be it the site ,or Quora , and every positive, negative reviews about CIC, and I felt like “ this is a golden opportunity. I better not mess this up”.

I’m now a proud student of Cluster Innovation Center, University of Delhi.

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