Procedure for International students : B.A.Honours

Blog post contributed by Aarushi Srivastava, first year B.A.Honours student.

Delhi University (DU) offers a one of it’s kind course at Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC): B.A. (Hons) Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

This is a transdisciplinary course meant for students who do not want to do the conventional courses and keep their options open for further studies. It is also a perfect fit for those who want to get into the research field as this is a research orientated course.

Unlike most BA courses, this is offered ONLY in CIC and the admission process is also not the same. It is an entrance based course which is a relief for everyone who couldn’t mug up and score well in their board exams; and there is no preference of the streams as well. Anyone, from any stream (Science, Commerce or Humanities) is eligible to sit for the entrance exam as long as they meet all the given requirements.

However, for the international students, it is a different story.

With the 5 per cent quota in every course, there are 2 seats available for the foreign students in this particular course.
Their admission is solely based on their grade 12 examinations, board or it’s equivalent, as is the case with all the other courses offered in DU.

The admission procedure starts in early February, so I would recommend all the international students looking at DU as an option, to keep checking the Delhi University Foreign Students Registry (DU FSR) portal regularly.

The application is submitted online, and from personal experience, the portal does not have a good interface. It had a lot of glitches and bugs while I was filling up my application so watch out for those and don’t panic, call the FSR for help.

After completing all the given procedures, all you have to do is wait and wait till the results are out, then you update your application and wait again.
The admission process starts after one or two cut-off lists are released.

Please note, CIC is only involved in the process after your admission has been finalised by the FSR director.

Then, you’re set to attend Centre (we don’t call it “college” because it isn’t one) when the session begins which is usually in mid July.

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