Experience of Nishant Joywardhan, B.Tech. AIR 11 of 2018

CIC, The beginning of a Dream.

It was mid January of 2018, when I came to know about the innovation center of the University of Delhi, named Cluster Innovation Center, while I was looking for potential options for my undergrad studies. Engineering being my aspiration, I got attracted to CIC’s very unique course of B.Tech in Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations.

I had been preparing for my JEE exams in a general conventional way, and it had nothing to do with the entrance of CIC. It was like, after applying for the exam, I had totally forgot about it. However, as my destiny would guide me, my JEE exams went really bad and I gave up all my hopes of getting a good Engineering college.

Fast forwarding to June 2018, as the CIC exam was very near, I thought about giving it a shot. This was the time when I had a look at some of the past year papers and brushed up some of my concepts. The desire to get selected was high, but the fact that the course only offered 40 seats all over India, was making me hell lot scared. Supported and encouraged by my family, I somehow appeared for the exam.

The exam was totally different from the general engineering pattern exams that I had been giving so far. The questions were far from straight forward, and was a mixture of Understanding of the core subject and Ability to apply logic. Without any actual specific preparation as such, I was totally dependent on my intellect for solving the paper. The exam got completed and on a very honest note, I was disappointed! The exam didn’t go as I had expected and I made it almost clear in my mind that the dream of CIC was over for me. “All hope is gone”.

But you never know when life and your fortune would smile at you. It was 4th of July when the results of the entrance exam were out and I got selected for a seat in CIC, achieving an All India Rank 11. I had no idea how it worked out for me, but I simply got numb after seeing the result. The emotions which followed can’t be penned in words. It felt PARADISE!
It was actually the beginning of a dream called, “Cluster Innovation Center, University of Delhi.”

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