[Preparation] Strategy during the result.

I hope you’ve matched your answers with the answer key. If not, you can refer here – DU_CIC_B_Tech_2018

The results should be announced this week, i.e. first week of July 2018.

It is difficult to predict the marks required because –

  • Difficulty of the paper increased.
  • Competition increased.

But, a score above 200+ is commendable.

If you are scoring above 200, congratulations! Your chances are high to get in Cluster Innovation Centre. (For B.Tech programme)

If not, do not lose hope. Anything can happen.

Counselling for other colleges have started. Do participate, and keep a backup option, if you’re not too sure about your selection.

I do not want go into the comparison of CIC vs ABC college, but do remember –

CIC is a centre, not a regular college.

Head over to North Campus and interact with the students in the Centre. (Yes, holidays but students are still working 🙂 )

You are taking a decision that will affect your next four years.

Take 2-3 days going to the colleges you’ve applied to.

If you’ve got rank 1-20, you’re in. (Obviously 😉 )

If you’ve got rank 20-40, wait for the subsequent merit lists, as some of the students join other colleges.

If you’ve got rank > 40, wait till the last merit list, but do not keep your hopes high.

That’s it for today.

All the best for your results. 🙂


Do not hesitate to ask.

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