Feedback for All About CIC Blog


It is EXACTLY two months of running this blog, helping thousands of aspirants prepare for the entrance examination of Cluster Innovation Centre.

Some stats –

Views > 25,200 on blog

Unique visitors > 8,100 on blog

135 answers on Quora

Views > 90,000 on Quora

Something that started as a single post to prepare for CIC examination in three months, to 58 posts, the journey has been stupendous till now. But, this is just the beginning. 😉

Use this affiliate link the next time you purchase on Amazon, to help this site grow more, and you want to help for my time (more than >350 hours invested) and research invested creating this blog.

Posts are coming up for a detail analysis of the marks required, strategy one should follow during the cutoffs, activities in CIC, my one year experience in CIC and much more.

I hope the blog helped you prepare well for the entrance examination, with a score enough to get into CIC.

Remember, if the paper was tough for you, it was tough was lengthy for everyone else too. Your admission here is based on the relative performance among the other students.

And, I would love some feedback for the blog, improve and fabricate more worthy content in the future.

You can either comment down below, message me on Quora, or email me.

And I would be more than happy to give my two cents regarding gadgets for the next four years. 🙂

All the best for the results.

3 thoughts on “Feedback for All About CIC Blog

  1. Thanx a lot for everything. Thanks for all your help, for each and every answer, comment, link .
    I consider myself as a fortune guy to have a big brother like you. Whenever I will be in dilemma I will surely ask you whether I will select in CIC or not.

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