[Preparation] After the Entrance Examination

The exam is over. The CIC’s B.Tech Entrance 2018 was the best paper made till now. It grilled the students, to distinguish the innovators from the rest.

Now, you have a month before the session starts, and you can utilize these 25-30 days for a headstart in your first year.

Disclaimer – My personal opinion.

But, chill these days. I don’t think you will be so relaxed in the future, as you are right now.

  • Work on everything that you left for JEE and CIC preparation.

You can workout, watch TV series, movies, pursue your hobbies. Anything that you had to compromise during the last 2-3 years.

  • Learn programming concepts.

If you are going to join CIC, or any other college CSE, you will have a programming course in the first semester. If you learn about the basics of it, you will be pretty much comfortable the next 7 months.


Unlike other colleges, there will be two courses in the first semester – Algorithms, and Data Structures. 

So if you want, you can go though them. (Just an overview, so that you will easily understand everything when the teacher starts from scratch)

Data Structures – Algorithms Basics

If you’re already comfortable with the basics (and an adventurous person), you can jump to the recommend books for the first semester.

Let Us C

Introduction to Algorithms

And, the best free introductory course for Computer Science –

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science

  • Explore what all you can do in the next four years.

Competitive programming, Open Source contribution, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Machine Learning, Mobile development, Game development, Web development…

SO much stuff out there.

E x p l o r e.

3 thoughts on “[Preparation] After the Entrance Examination

  1. I don’t think anyone who gave the paper can *chill* right now. The second cutoff will be released on monday and let’s face it, the chances of getting selected for CIC are very low. A post regarding the strategy one should follow during the cutoffs would be better for the hour.
    Nice post btw. Keep up the good work. Really wish to get into CIC. New theme of the blog is quite nice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi A curious soul. This post is more inclined towards the students who are almost sure of getting into CIC.
      I will surely post about the strategy.
      Thank you, the new theme is quite good.


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