[Preparation] Day of the DU CIC Entrance Examination 2018

This post goes for both the B.A.Hons. and B.Tech. aspirants.

Finally, your preparation will yield you a rank, enough to get into Cluster Innovation Centre.

  • Believe in yourself. I cannot stress this enough.
    • No matter how many students give the exam,
    • No matter how many students you encounter in your centre,
    • No matter how many people who seem to confident enough to score 300+/400;
    • Believe in your preparation.
  • I will recommended not to study much today. Either revise some basic concepts/formulas or give a previous year paper. (for B.Tech. students)
  • Do NOT stress over the marks or anything.
    • If the paper is tough, don’t be disappointed, it will be hard for everyone.
    • If the paper is easy, be happy, but control your excitement enough to not make silly mistakes.
  • Pack your stuff beforehand, and check twice if you are not forgetting anything.
    • I remember people who were made to stand outside as they forgot their Aadhar Card, and they panicked like anything.

All the best.

I believe in you, that you will make it to CIC.

Rest is on you now. 😉

And do mention in the comment section how your paper went! 😀


4 thoughts on “[Preparation] Day of the DU CIC Entrance Examination 2018

  1. i think it was hard with some questions easily classifiable as adv level.every year they are increasing the level of the paper and i think preparing from previous year papers except 2017’s would have barely made any difference. this paper was definitely harder than 2017. reasoning was again of less proportion as expected, i gazed through all the 100 ques and i barely found 20 questions of reasoning and if you were in a flow of not being able to answer questions then you surely would have missed easy ques too which were stacked between them. i hope i make it to top 20 although i will score not more than 200.


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