[Preparation] Analysis of CIC’s B.Tech Entrance 2018 Paper

Clustering all the inputs I got from the aspirants,

  • Paper was tougher than 2017. (which was considerably tougher than the previous papers, making the 2018 one the toughest till now)
  • Questions were lengthy. (
  • Reasoning questions were less (around 15-20) and difficult.

I don’t have the paper to do an in-depth analysis, as of now. Will update this post as soon as I get the paper.

Edit –

So, I was finally able to get my hands on the DU_CIC_B_Tech_2018 paper, and damn, this one’s good.

  • Most of the questions were a blend of multiple concepts from different chapters.
  • So following an Advanced book would had been more beneficial than a JEE Main book.
  • Even the reasoning questions will take time to read and understand for the correct answer.

Some of the questions are similar to the examples in the material for JEE Advanced I followed during my coaching.

This paper was definitely tougher than 2017, and considering the competition, I think 200 is a commendable score.

All the best to everyone waiting for the results.

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