[Preparation] Lessons to take away – One

A new series, to help you avoid the mistakes I did during my preparation for Cluster Innovation Centre’s B.Tech. Entrance Examination 2017.

One – Predicting the paper pattern

A lot of aspirants ask me for the pattern of the paper, especially the number of questions of mathematics and reasoning. Don’t.

I did the same mistake.

I solved the 2016 paper some days before the actual examination on 9th July 2017, and scored around 280. I was content, as these marks were enough to get into the top 10; and the paper was too easy as per my expectations.

Around 50% of the paper consisted of reasoning questions, and I was able to answer most of them quickly.

I Predicted that the paper will at least have 40% questions from reasoning, and it will be easy overall. 

Comes the judgement day;

  • I freaked out, scrutinising to find the reasoning questions.
  • Loads of questions from PnC.
  • The questions didn’t seem to be easy, but lengthy.

I knew I would be able to solve around 40-45 questions only, far from my aim of scoring a 280. But, I calmed down taking a few minutes, and just focussed on solving those 40-45 chosen ones.

Lessons to take away –

  • Do NOT predict the pattern; paper can either be tough or easy.

  • There can be more questions from reasoning, as well as few.

  • Do NOT aim for a particular score. Aim to score as much as you can.

  • Calm down, taking a few minutes if a situation like this arises. If the paper is hard for you, it will be hard for everyone else too.

  • Study every chapter, even Sets well.

All the best.


One thought on “[Preparation] Lessons to take away – One

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