[Preparation] Interpret the syllabus of B.Tech CIC Entrance Examination

The syllabus given on the website of Cluster Innovation Centre is –

  1. Mathematics till 10+2 level
  2. Reasoning
  3. Analytical ability

  • I know the syllabus is obscure enough for an aspirant to get confused.
  • You’ll also find a lot of variation in the level of the questions/ratio of mathematics to reasoning questions, asked in the previous year papers.
  • Indefinite questions can be formed on reasoning and analytical ability, as the main purpose is to test the reasoning & interpretation skills of aspirants.
  • This is done by looking at how a student approaches the problems given in the test.

  • The best way to prepare is by solving a lot of questions, so that you may encounter a similar question (applying the same logic) in the entrance examination.
  • I’ll recommend Book Review – Test of Reasoning by Edgar Thorpe for practice.
  • Go through the previous papers for the reasoning questions, and solve around 20 questions per topic similar to the ones given the paper.

For mathematics, the questions are more or less similar to JEE Main, some questions harder, some easier. So that shouldn’t pose a problem.

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