[Preparation] Last 17 Days Preparation for CIC B.Tech Entrance Examination

To clear the CIC’s B.Tech Entrance Examination in just 17 days, you need a solid plan, strategy, and some amount of determination.

I will hope, and assume that you have prepared well enough for JEE Main and BITSAT mathematics at least.

  • [Mathematics] For covering the syllabus and practising questions, if you had taken JEE coaching, you can continue solving the booklets/modules.
  • If not, you can refer to [Preparation] Books for Final Preparation of CIC B.Tech. Entrance Examination. It includes books recommended for Reasoning and Analytical Ability, too.
  • Edgar Thorpe is lengthy, yes. So go through the previous papers for the reasoning questions, and solve around 20 questions per topic similar to the one given the paper.

Your strategy and plan should be –

  • Try to cover the whole syllabus, at least the formulas.
  • Solve and analyze the past 5 year papers.
  • Practising the questions under a minute.
  • Pursue something in your free time to keep your mind composed.

Solve the [Preparation] Previous Year Papers of CIC B.Tech. Entrance Exam 2017 paper. Assume that you may score 20–50 less marks in the actual exam environment.

  • If you’re scoring 250–300+, then all you need to do is just revise the syllabus and practice the previous year papers, and give some mocks on a computer.
  • If you’re scoring 200–250+, then you need to do is revise the syllabus from the source you are referring; practice reasoning and mathematics questions quickly.
  • If you’re scoring 150–200+, then you need to identify which chapters you are lacking in, and practice those from the source you are referring.
  • If you’re scoring <150, then you need to work hard a lot, try to cover all the formulas, and work more on your strong chapters.
  • If you are scoring below 120, being brutally honest, your chances are very low, but you never know in MCQ based paper with Lady luck on your side you may get those extra 5–10 questions right to push you over the top.

Like any other competitive examination in the country which includes mathematics, ALL the topics are important. Even Sets.

  • There’s nothing enough, or chapters that you should focus more on. Even after doing hundreds of questions on Integral Calculus, you may still get stuck on a particular question.
  • You have to decide which chapters you are weak in, and which are your strong ones, and practice accordingly.
  • BUT, you’ll find that the questions are generally inclined towards Calculus; so getting an exceptional grip over it should give you an advantage.

You’ll also find a lot of variation in the level of the questions/ratio of mathematics to reasoning questions, asked in the previous year papers. So do not base your preparation on them.

  • Practice. Solve hundreds of questions with a stop watch of one minute per question.
  • The strategy I used was to mark all the question I can solve easily, in the first five minutes (as it is online based, you can mark easily like BITSAT) and left the difficult ones for the last half an hour. This really worked.

Time Management is the key to get in CIC. You may attempt less questions. You don’t have to solve all the questions, nobody could. Even the topper last year barely crossed 55 questions. Aim for 70-80 questions only, and make sure you are able to solve most of the reasoning questions, if not all.

Usually, you won’t find a pattern, like in JEE Main, where you are sure to get 2-3 questions from Integral, 1-2 from 3-D etc. So it’s very hard to predict. Your aim should not be some minimum marks. If the paper comes hard, you will panic. So aim for as many questions you can get correct.

Self believe is the key.

In the end, it all depends on those two hours. Your ability to maintain composure, avoiding silly mistakes, time management, and solving the questions.

Believe that you’re in the top 20, are you are half way there. Forget about JEE if you haven’t done well, and give your all in the preparation, without thinking about the end result.

Quoting Cristiano Ronaldo,

Today there are opportunities that no one knows if they will come round again in the future.

If you want to succeed, you need to believe in opportunities. When you can see it and your mind can conceive it, you will achieve it.

Source : 20 Powerful Cristiano Ronaldo Quotes To Ignite Your Inner Fire

P.S. Have a backup college. I had taken admission into 3 decent colleges before giving the paper, so I was chill while giving the paper.

All the best.

5 thoughts on “[Preparation] Last 17 Days Preparation for CIC B.Tech Entrance Examination

  1. I have applied for both DU JAT & CIC in two different forms, as the decision to give DU JAT was taken after CIC form was filled.
    This is the email which came from DU… what should i do now

    “Dear Applicant,
    Applicants who have submitted more than one application for admission are advised to retain only one correct successfully submitted application and cancel the remaining wrongly filled applications, so that only one correct application per applicant for admission to the University of Delhi remains with the University.

    This process must be completed by the applicants latest by 7th June, 2018.

    The cancellation of a particular online application can be done by the applicants by logging into their dashboard through relevant email ID and clicking on the ‘Cancellation’ Button. No grievance will be entertained pertaining to the cancelled application form.”


    1. That’s bad. You should had filled for CIC in the DU JAT form too. After making the payment you cannot do anything. The only solution I can think of, is to fill a 3rd form with BOTH CIC and DU JAT, and cancel the other two. Do ask the DU officials for this, and go through the guidelines carefully this time.


  2. Is any preference given to the students of delhi for CIC-DU?
    Also, am I eligible for this exam if I have taken an year’s drop after 12th?
    Please answer.


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