[Preparation] Book Review – Mental Ability

Cluster Innovation Centre’s Entrance syllabus consists of Reasoning and Mental Ability, apart from the major portion of Mathematics. For the Reasoning, this is the best book – Test of Reasoning for All Competitive Examinations by Edgar Thorpe, or the reasonably priced How to Crack Test of Reasoning by Arihant.

You can use this dedicated book for Mental Ability.

  • First go through the reasoning/mental ability part from a BITSAT specific book like Prep Guide to BITSAT
  • Go through the reasoning questions of 2017 and 2016 paper.
  • Then practice around 20 questions per chapter from this book.

Concluding, this is the best book for Mental Ability – Course in Mental Ability and Quantitative Aptitude by Edgar Thorpe.

[Optional] You can also buy this if you want – The best book for Reasoning – Test of Reasoning for All Competitive Examinations by Edgar Thorpe for more practice.

This portion of the paper is relatively easy, and you can even score full marks here! These questions take less then one minute to solve. Usually consisting of a paragraph,  these are fun to solve, and give you more time to answer the mathematics portion well.

If you want to buy this book,
click on the picture of the book above.

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