Placement in Cluster Innovation Centre?

No, as far as I know, CIC will not open a placement cell in the foreseeable future.

It wasn’t meant to be a place for job seekers.

To all the aspirants reading this and asking about placements again, and again, know the difference between an innovation centre and a regular college that provides a B.Tech degree.

Cluster Innovation Centre focuses on RESEARCH and INNOVATION.

The main objectives of the Cluster Innovation Centre are:

  • Encourage an environment of innovation in the system.
  • Develop innovative degree programs.
  • Educate and sensitize students, teachers by launching schemes on innovation programmes in colleges.
  • Select ideas with potential by conducting training/orientation programmes/modules on innovation and researches.
  • Develop ideas into innovative applications.
  • Facilitate collaborations and partnerships with industry, academia and other stakeholders.
  • Commercialise innovations and take them to the end users.
  • Develop meaningful linkage with various segments of society.

The course encourages entrepreneurship skills in the students.

Even though CIC doesn’t have a placement cell, some students are placed, from the three courses, in the below mentioned companies on their own merit –

Source : Industry Outreach Cell

And the students who opted for higher education –


Source : NAAC Self Study Report

Do not hesitate to ask.

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