[Preparation] Book Review – 40 Days JEE Main Mathematics

I know. JEE Main is over.

But, can this book be used to revise for Cluster Innovation Centre’s Entrance Examination?

Let’s review it, first.

  • The book is divided into 40 chapters, with three previous year JEE Main papers.
  • Each chapter represents one of the 40 days, and consists of the entire syllabus + 6 Unit Tests + 3 Mock Tests.

This book assumes that you have studied well, and using it as revision material.

As time is less, with an assumption of roughly 30 days left; this can come handy even if you haven’t bought it before. Sounds crazy to use a JEE Main book after it’s over, but I think it is good enough for last minute revision.

Coming to the main point, to fully utilise this book for CIC’s Entrance, you need to do the following –

  • Solve the book in 10 days, instead. It will help you revise some forgotten concepts, and get you in the groove of solving questions.
  • You need to be quick, trying to solve the questions in 30 seconds-60 seconds.
  • Solve the Mock tests in half an hour, at the stretch. That means 3 papers (90 questions) in 1.5 hour.
  • Emphasising on the fact again that you will get only 120 minutes for 100 questions, and there are some questions which are difficult than JEE Main ones.

If you want to buy this book,

click on the picture of the book above.

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