Hectic Life at Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi University

Note – I can only speak about my experience after a year here, take your final decision about joining CIC based on someone’s advice who has spent four years in CIC.

TL;DR According to me, life is hectic, and you get free time according to your time management.

College timings are usually from 9 AM to 5 PM, with break a from 1 PM to 2 PM.

A lecture last for an hour, so there are generally 7 lectures in a day ( Theory + Practical ).

In 1st Semester it was 34 hour/week, Monday to Friday.

Let’s be honest here, and compile my one year journey at Cluster Innovation Centre.

Life at CIC is hectic, unless you’re just taking it as a regular B.Tech course, studying to pass the exams and get a conventional degree at the end of four years.

My first year somehow resembled this, and I have been kind of struggling ever since. (Not anymore, though)

It’s easy to pass the end semester exams, and a little hard work will reward you with above average marks.

But, the projects are the real essence of CIC. (which I realised late, damn)

The learning curve is steep, getting hands on experience through these projects.

Genuinely working on these projects (around 12 in the first year) will take most of your day, excluding the college schedule.

If you follow the routine of a sincere kid in school days (going everyday, taking notes, listening to the teacher) you’ll get a lot of free time, even during the end semester papers.

It may sound vague, but the free time you get actually depends on how you utilise the rest of your day.

You can either waste time on scrolling aimlessly; or do some productive work, refining your skills or enjoying your hobbies.

Do not hesitate to ask.

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